Management Consulting

Management ConsultingA wide range of services are available on a special project (short or long-term) basis to assist your business in reaching a new level of success.

With decades of experience in accounting, finance, audit and taxes, we can help your organization with special needs that you may have.

How We Can Help

Temporary Internal Audit Staffing

AJS Financial has the ability to fill positions on a temporary basis from Senior Internal Auditor to leader of the department. Significant expertise in numerous enterprises are available to assist your organization with meeting your audit plan completion goals.

Accounting Support

Roles can be filled to bridge the gap your organization may be experiencing due to the high levels of employee turnover in today’s job market. Depending on your specific needs, AJS Financial can staff roles ranging from senior accountant to director of accounting.


AJS training and presentations cover approaches to enhance the bottom-line of your organization via internal audit. Significant experience in improving organizations financial results through proper risk assessment and audit approach. Extensive examples are available to provide interactive training for your staff.

Other Consulting Services

We also provide additional services in the areas of audit, accounting and treasury upon request. Contact AJS Financial for a free consultation regarding your special needs.

Need Some Help?

Please feel free to contact AJS and inquiry if we have the expertise to assist your business in the noted areas.